Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex
Nunatak Apex

Nunatak Apex

Regular price$1,595.00

Take your backcountry missions to the next level with the Nunatak Apex. This ultimate 4-season hot tent combines the benefits of transportability and durability to provide hot tent users with an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio and heat retention that knows no limits.


Select Floor Insert

The Nunatak Apex has 3-floor inserts to choose from depending on your base camp needs. The heavy-duty canvas ground cloth weighs in at 10.7 lbs and is ideal for longer stays and when weight is not a consideration. The Midweight Nylon ground cloth comes in at 4.6 lbs and is the preferred choice for keeping the weight low while Fully covering the ground inside the shelter. The lightweight half-ground cloth is made of the same nylon as the midweight ground cloth but only covers half the ground inside the shelter and weighs in at 1.7 lbs


  • Lightweight 1/2 Ground Cloth: 1.7 lbs
  • Midweight Ground Cloth: 4.6 lbs
  • Heavy Duty Ground Cloth: 10.7 lbs



The Arctic Vapex insert significantly increases heat retention while wicking away moisture keeping you warm and dry. The clip-in design gives better versatility and allows you to configure your backcountry shelter to meet the dynamic needs of each mission.


The Nunatak Apex comes with 4X the headspace of similarly sized tipi-style tents. Convert that headspace into vertical gear storage with a clip in mesh attic.


The carbon telescoping pole features a lightweight and compact design when saving space and weight are your top priorities.

Additional Stakes

Compatible Stoves

The Nunatak Apex, a backcountry-worthy hot tent with an unsurpassed weight-to-tensile strength ratio, unmatched head space utilization, and unrivaled backcountry dependability, stands ready for your next mission.

With this 8-person/four-season hot tent, backcountry enthusiasts can explore limitless places while maintaining the same industry-leading benefits of a traditional Arctic Oven without the limitations of weight.

The Nunatak Apex boasts a new sil-poly fire-resistant fly that is lighter; yet more durable than any other hot tent on the market. In addition to the rugged fly, we have created a "pack it in" carrying system that allows for seamless transportation of a hot tent to the backcountry.

Our Nunatak-style tents also provide 4x the headspace of comparable tipi-style tents. That means more efficient use of space from floor to ceiling and more stand-up capability than the other guys.

  • Footprint Width / Length: 12.5’ x 12.5’
  • Footprint Area: 156 SQR FT
  • Sitting Room Width / Length: 7.4’ x 7.4’
  • Sitting Room Area: 54 SQR FT
  • Standing Room Width / Length: 4.4’ x 4.4’
  • Standing Room Area: 19 SQR FT

4X The Headspace

Optimized Square Design

4-Season Versatility

Mansard Design extends the ceiling space of the tent; providing 4X the headroom while maximizing living space.

Full Panel Door provides an easily accessible, no-stoop, dry entry for improved maneuverability and comfort.

Integrated Bug Net to keep all those pesky flies and insects out of your living space.

Floorless Design reduces weight and allows for footprint versatility to fit your terrain/trip needs.

Multiple Ground Cloth Options allows you to choose the level of comfort vs weight required for your endeavor.

High/Low Ventilation Vents provide excellent airflow, increasing safety and stove performance.

Flame Resistant Fabric increases the margin of safety while warming the shelter with a wood-burning stove.

Included Factory Seam Sealing using a hot air seam sealing machine during manufacturing, unlike most other hot tent companies, dry shelter guaranteed.

Built In Stove Jack comes with multiple diameters pre-marked so it can be easily cut to size.

19 Highwind Tieouts have been specifically arranged to create bombproof wind stability in harsh weather conditions.

Square Footprint Design allows for better usable space and increased comfort.

Arctic Vapex Insert provides a moisture barrier from condensation on the inside wall while increasing heat retention.

Technical Specs

4 Season Hot Tent
Footprint Area
156 Square Feet
Peak Height
7' 6"
Capacity +Stove
4 Person
Capacity -Stove
8 Person
Packed Weight
4.6 lbs
Vapex Insert Weight
1.7 lbs
Lightweight 1/2 Ground Cloth
4.6 lbs
Heavyweight Ground Cloth
10.7 lbs
Packed Size
5" x 15" x 25"
Tent Material
FR Rated Sil-Poly Nylon
Stove Jack
Cut to size marks at 3", 4", and 5"

Nunatak Apex Replacement Parts

  1. Nunatak Apex Floor Inserts | Heavyweight Full
  2. Nunatak Apex Floor Inserts | Midweight Full
  3. Nunatak Apex Floor Inserts | Lightweight Half
  4. Nunatak Apex Arctic Insert
  5. Nunatak Apex Aluminum Center Pole
  6. Nunatak Apex Replacement Mansard Pole
  7. Nunatak Apex Guyline 5-Pack
  8. Nunatak Apex Storage Attic
  9. Nunatak Apex Carbon Telescoping Center Pole
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