Kni-Co Trekker Standard Kit

Kni-Co Trekker Standard Kit

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The Kni-Co Trekker Standard Stove Package is a compact and highly portable heating solution designed for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Dimensions: This stove measures 15 1/4 inches in height, 10 inches in width, and 19 inches in length, with a storage size of 10 inches x 10 inches x 19 inches.

  • Fire Box Size: The fire box size is 9 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches x 17 inches, providing ample space for burning various types of wood efficiently.

  • Materials: Crafted from durable 22-gauge cold rolled steel, the stove is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Stove Pipe Compatibility: The stove features a 4-inch stove pipe hole, suitable for our 4-inch tapered pipe, enabling effective venting and safe smoke expulsion.

  • Weight: Weighing just 10 1/2 pounds, this stove offers a lightweight and compact heating solution without compromising performance.

Included in Package:

  • Trekker Stove: The package includes the Trekker Stove, a compact and efficient heating source designed for solo adventurers or small groups.

  • 4 to 3 Inch Tapered Pipe: The package comes with a 4 to 3-inch tapered pipe, consisting of two 16-inch long sections for secure and efficient venting in constrained spaces.

  • Damper: Included is a damper that provides precise control over airflow, allowing you to manage burn rates and maintain your desired temperature.

  • Damper Sleeve: The 10-inch long damper sleeve complements the damper, enhancing control over the stove's performance to keep your shelter at a comfortable temperature.

  • Spark Arrestor: For added safety, the package includes a spark arrestor, preventing sparks from escaping and reducing the risk of unintended fires.

With a total package weight of 17 pounds, the Kni-Co Trekker Standard Stove Package offers a compact and comprehensive heating solution for outdoor adventurers who prioritize quality and convenience. Whether you're embarking on a solo expedition or exploring with a small group, this stove package ensures you can enjoy warmth and comfort, wherever your outdoor journey takes you.

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