Alaska Gear Company TiSHX Suspension System -
Alaska Gear Company TiSHX Suspension System -
Alaska Gear Company TiSHX Suspension System -
Alaska Gear Company TiSHX Suspension System -

TiSHX Suspension System

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Designed for the hardest working bush pilots, the bolt-on suspension system is a night-and-day improvement to the OEM bungee suspension system. Unlike with bungees, when you touchdown, you stay down. The TiSHX experienced the least rebound of any PA-18 suspension system available during our extensive testing and R&D.

STC'd & PMA Approved


The system utilizes valved hydraulic dampening to help control both the rebound and compression stroke of the suspension, making landings on challenging, unforgiving terrain safer and more controlled by eliminating bounce on initial impact.  

The TiSHX suspension system utulizes titanium and aluminum for a better performance-to-weight ratio. The shaft is coated in titanium nitride to reduce seal stiction and friction while providing wear and corrosion resistance. 

The weight reduction achieved with titanium allows for use of a wider and more robust spring, increasing performance and preventing premature failure due to fatigue without a significant weight penalty to the system.

The TiSHX is a true bolt-on system ready to go out of the box and does not require any calibration. Our engineers and test pilots spent hundreds of hours in the field fine-tuning and adjusting the dampening for top performance at minimum and maximum gross weight. The shock length is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for each aircraft.

The TiSHX pairs with an optional lightweight safety cable system that utilizes titanium lugs and offers additional peace of mind. 

Technical Specs

Weight Per Shock: 10 lbs

Adjustable Hole to Hole Length: Min 29.42” Max 30.08"

Spring Cage Diameter: Max OD 2.75”

Spring Diameter:  Max
OD 2.08”

Compatible Landing Gear: 3-Inch Extended

Compatible Tires: 26” Minimum Tire Size

Compatible Fuselage: Standard and 4-Place of the approved models.

Not compatible with wide-body fuselage.

Safety Cables: Optional specialized safety cables with titanium lugs.

Not compatible with any other safety cables.

STC: Included

Approved Models:

  • PA-18
  • PA-18S
  • PA-18 "105" (Special)
  • PA-18S "105" (Special)
  • PA-18A
  • PA-18 "125" (Army L-21A)
  • PA-18S "125"
  • PA-18AS “125"
  • PA-18 "135" (Army L-21B)
  • PA-18A "135"
  • PA-18S "135"
  • PA-18AS "135"
  • PA-18 "150"
  • PA-18A "150"
  • PA-18S "150"
  • PA-18AS "150"
  • PA-19 (Army L-18C)
  • PA-19S


  • STC approved for commercial-grade use by Alaskan bush
    pilots flying certified super cubs.
  • Manufactured with titanium and aluminum for optimum
    weight-to-performance ratio that allows for the use of heavy-duty components
    without compromising on weight.  
  • Robust 2.08” max OD springs ensure peak performance
    and longevity through the high number of cycle counts experienced by a classic
    bush pilot.
  • A fully enclosed internal floating piston prevents cavitation
    without the need for a Shrader valve, eliminating the risk of leaks and valve
  • Internal Spring Guide prevents the shock from scraping against the spring cage, keeping the system operating smoothly.
  • Preconfigured dampening with no adjustment required and
    is optimized for minimum and maximum gross weight.
  • Smooth 4.25” overall travel reduces kinetic energy
    and dampens rebound on landing.
  • Heim joint style ball lock system mitigates the risk
    of weld cracking and prevents the tenon bolt from unthreading while increasing
    durability and strength.
  • Coated with Titanium Nitride to reduce seal
    stiction and friction and increase wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Simple titanium attach fittings do not require bushings
    and fit HD 3-inch Extended Landing Gear.

Technical Specs

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