Alaska Gear Company Grizzly Claw Ski Drag Assembly - Grizzly Claw Ski Drag Set

Grizzly Claw Ski Drag Set

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This innovative product adds a drag/slowing device to various straight-ski-equipped small airplanes. The Grizzly Claw Ski Drag is designed for use during ground operations in the slickest conditions. It adds considerable control of the airplane and an enhanced degree of safety when operating on ice, particularly when taxiing into park.

  • Machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys
  • Fits different ski models by using an adapter plate where necessary (indicated ski model when checking out)
  • Includes two ski drags and an installation kit
The Ski Drag STC is valid on any aircraft currently approved for STC FAA/PMA Airglas L2000A, L2500A, and L3000 straight skis. Field approval may be required for installation on all other skis. Please call us at 907-331-4480 for additional information.


How does it work? The mechanism is a hydraulically controlled lever arm actuated by the existing brake system on the aircraft. Depressing the brake pedal causes actuation of a small hydraulic slave cylinder on each ski that puts upward force on the forward end of the arm. The aft end of the arm has a pick with two carbide tips that are forced down into the ice or snow below the ski. The mechanism is mounted to the top of the ski near the pedestal on either the inboard or outboard side. The ski drags require approximately 2- to 3-square-inch holes cut into each ski for the drag tips to extend through.

Technical Specs


Offering improved directional and braking control while taxing, taking off, and landing with straight skis on crusted snow and glare ice.

The Grizzly Claw Ski Drag integrates with the aircraft's existing brake system allowing for easy installation and brake pedal control.

Machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloy in our manufacturing facility in Palmer Alaska.

Technical Specs