Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 1.5 ABI Style Citabria Gear Set
Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 51036
Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 51035
Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 51035
Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 51035
Alaska Gear Company Citabria Landing Gear - 51035

Citabria Landing Gear

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This upgraded Citabria Landing Gear is precision-crafted in Alaska for the ultimate backcountry flying experience. Constructed from robust 4130 Chromoly, this landing gear system closely resembles the renowned PA-18 Heavy Duty Landing Gear giving you confidence in landing in remote locations. Featuring the original Citabria 8-hole or 6-hole axle flange, they widen your front gear stance by 6 inches, significantly enhancing side-to-side stability while reducing the overall system weight by 3 lbs.



Constructed from premium 4130 Chromoly, these gear legs stand as a paragon of durability, closely resembling the esteemed PA-18 gear legs while offering seamless integration with Alaskan Bushwheel ecosystem of wheel, brakes, and tundra tires.

These gear legs feature a 1.5-inch axle optimized for compatibility with our 30-52N brakes and 199-62 kit. By augmenting the front gear stance by 6 inches, lateral stability is significantly bolstered, affording heightened control during challenging maneuvers. The reduction of 3 lbs. from the overall system weight reflects our dedication to optimizing efficiency without compromising integrity.

Maintenance simplification is achieved through the elimination of suspension oil, diverging from the intricacies of conventional oleo systems. A heightened suspension travel range, in comparison to standard systems, translates to softer landings with a 50% reduction in G forces exerted on the fuselage. Collectively weighing 31.5 lbs. for both gear legs and suspensions, this refinement is both substantial and streamlined.

Crucial to underscore is the pivotal role of shock length determination, contingent upon your aircraft's specifications. Aircrafts equipped with a 4.875” wide cabane vee plate are best suited for the long shock option, whereas an 8.35” wide cabane vee plate aligns with the short shock option. With two bungees allocated per side, this system extends a comprehensive enhancement to your off-airport landings.

Technical Specs


1.5” AXLES FOR VERSATILITY: Engineered for optimal compatibility, the ABI-style gear legs are compatible with our 30-52N brakes and 199-62 kit. While the Aeronca style remains compatible with the original wheels and brakes.

EFFICIENT 3 LB. WEIGHT REDUCTION: Striking a balance between structural integrity and efficiency, the total system weight is reduced by an impressive 3 lbs., optimizing performance without compromising durability.

MAINTENANCE SIMPLIFICATION: Departing from conventional oleo systems, the Citabria Landing Gear eliminates the need for suspension oil, streamlining maintenance procedures and reducing downtime.

ENHANCED SUSPENSION TRAVEL: Offering greater suspension travel compared to standard systems, the gear legs deliver gentler landings, minimizing wear and tear on both the aircraft and pilot.

50% REDUCTION IN G-FORCES: Pioneering engineering translates into a notable 50% reduction in G forces exerted on the fuselage, attesting to the gear legs' capability to enhance aircraft and passenger safety.

COMPREHENSIVE LOAD CAPACITY: Accommodating the rigors of backcountry flying, the Citabria Landing Gear boasts a robust construction, ready to withstand demanding terrains and operational challenges.

OPTIMIZED CABANE VEE PLATE FIT: Tailored to your aircraft's specifications, the gear legs offer two shock length options: long for 4.875” wide cabane vee plates, and short for 8.35” wide plates.

PRECISION-ENGINEERED BUNGEE SYSTEM: Each side utilizes two bungees, meticulously calibrated to ensure dependable suspension performance and durability under varying flight conditions.

STC INCLUDED: Ensuring compliance and ease of integration with your aircraft setup, the Citabria Landing Gear comes complete with the necessary Supplemental Type Certificate allowing for use of the 30-52N brakes and 199-62 kit without the need for field approval.

Technical Specs

31.5 lbs
1.5 inches
6 inches
2 per side
Shock Length 4.875” Cabane Vee
Shock Length 8.35” Cabane Vee
30-52N brakes and 199-62 kit

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