Alaska Gear Company Cessna Tri-Gear Backcountry Kit - 6-abi-40-76A-and-fork
Alaska Gear Company Cessna Tri-Gear Backcountry Kit - 6-abi-40-76A-and-fork

Cessna Tri-Gear Backcountry Kit

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The Cessna Tri-Gear Backcountry Kit by Alaska Gear Company is a comprehensive solution designed to transform your Cessna into the ultimate tool for wilderness access. The kit includes the Aiglas Heavy Duty Nose Fork and ABI-40-76A Nose Wheel, enabling the use of larger and sturdier nose tires like the 800x6 or 850x6.

For aircraft equipped with 6" main wheels, optional additions include the ABI-199-62 Wheel and Brake Kit or the ABI-199-62A Wheel and Brake Kit. These options are compatible with 26" or 29" Alaskan bushwheels, offering choices between standard and heavy tread for diverse landing conditions. If occasional pavement landings are part of your flying routine, the heavy tread options provide extended bushwheel life.

Alternatively, for those with 10" main wheels, an upgrade is available to Alaskan Bushwheels 10x10 wheels paired with ABI-30-52N Brakes.

Tailor your kit further by selecting from buffed and non-buffed Airhawk tires to suit your specific needs.

ABI wheels and brakes can now be installed using the SA02576AK STC, ensuring a seamless integration of these enhancements into your aircraft. 


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