Arctic Oven 12X18
Arctic Oven 12X18

Arctic Oven 12X18

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The Arctic Oven 12x18 is the introductory size of our lodge-style 4-season hot tents. Born from the rugged landscapes of Alaska and revered worldwide, these hot tents are engineered to withstand extreme weather and conditions. This versatile base camp shelter boasts an expansive 226 sq ft footprint, it's the perfect choice for accommodating large groups of up to 10 people. Constructed with Vapex technology to combat condensation and fortified with Ripstop Nylon to tackle fierce winds and heavy snow loads.


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The Arctic Oven 12x18 is a 4-season hot tent designed to excel in the most challenging backcountry environments. Offering a generous 226 square feet of interior space and a +46 square feet vestibule for storage, this tent is ideally suited for extended expeditions or research endeavors. Constructed with a combination of Vapex technology and Ripstop Nylon, it is engineered to combat condensation issues and withstand the rigors of harsh weather conditions. With a capacity of up to 7 individuals when equipped with a stove or 10 without.

Arctic Oven tents have earned their reputation as indispensable tools in extreme conditions, stretching from the rugged wilderness of Alaska to the icy expanses of Antarctica. These hot tents are purposefully crafted, integrating built-in stove jacks and employing high-quality technical fabrics that effectively eliminate condensation, ensuring a dry and warm shelter. Crafted in Alaska, USA, these tents are born from a tradition of excellence and tested to deliver reliability in the most unforgiving environments.

All-Season Shelter: With the Arctic Oven 12x18, you can confidently house a large party while operating in the backcountry regardless of season or weather.

Integrated Stove Compatibility: Designed with a built-in fireproof silica glass stove jack for optimal hot tent performance and safety.

Vestibule Storage: Adds an extra 46 square feet of space to keep your gear organized and protected from the elements.

Effective Air Circulation: Cross-flow air vents promote proper airflow, enhancing stove performance while reducing the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Moisture-Free Interior: The Vapex fabric leverages a polyurethane membrane providing moisture-wicking technology that eliminates condensation creating a dry interior.

Maximum Heat Retention: The Vapex material exhibits high thermal reflectivity and low thermal absorptivity, effectively retaining heat generated by the internal heating source.

Insulated Air Pocket: Its architectural design incorporates an insulating airspace layer between the tent body and the rainfly, preventing the intermingling of warmed air within this cavity with the ambient external cold air.

Flame Resistant Materials: Built to be a hot tent the body is constructed with Vapex which exhibits a myriad of benefits one of which is flame resistance as well as a silica glass stove jack that is fireproof up to 700 degrees F.

Storm-Proof: Engineered to tackle high winds, heavy snow loads, and torrential rainstorms, this hot tent provides a secure refuge when the weather turns harsh.

Made in the USA: The Arctic Oven 8 is proudly designed and crafted in Alaska, USA, guaranteeing superior craftsmanship and quality for your wilderness adventures.

Technical Specs

4 Season Hot Tent
Footprint Area
226 Square Feet
Footprint Dimensions
12' 4" x 18' 4"
+46 Square Feet Of Storage
Peak Height
7' 2"
Capacity +Stove
7 Person
Capacity -Stove
10 Person
Tent Material
Vapex + Ripstop Nylon
Tent Weight + Vestibule
110 LBS
Packed Size
40” x 36” x 33”

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