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10x32 Siglin Freight Sled

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Roger Siglin's classic low profile freight sled that has proved itself across thousands of miles of the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness.  This flat-style sled made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) is unaffected by temperatures down to -60 F and provides a smooth and stable pull. 


In the early 1990s, Arctic explorer Roger Siglin introduced the rugged and dependable Siglin freight sled. The sled was originally designed for hauling cargo across thousands of miles of the remote Arctic. Crafted from UV-resistant ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) and designed for simplicity and functionality, these sleds have become essential equipment for winter cargo hauling.

Crafted with precision, the Siglin 10x32 sled is a testament to rugged craftsmanship and durability. Constructed from 1/4 inch UHMW polyethylene, this sled not only boasts a tough and flexible exterior but also exhibits exceptional resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ensuring its longevity in harsh outdoor environments. What truly sets this sled apart is its ability to endure frigid temperatures, remaining unfazed even in bone-chilling conditions plummeting down to a staggering -60°F. The sled's dimensions, measuring 32 inches in width and 9 feet 6 inches from tip to tail, provide ample space for hauling gear and essentials, while the flat inside bottom, spanning 24 inches by 8 feet, offers versatility in loading and securing cargo.

One of the standout features of the Siglin 10x32 sled is its adaptable tongue, a pivotal element that empowers users to customize the sled's performance to suit their specific needs. The triangular 3-foot long tongue can be configured for either a flapper or pintle hitch, granting users the flexibility to tailor their sled's towing mechanism to match their requirements. For those seeking even more specialized performance, spring-loaded hitches are available as an optional upgrade. Additionally, the sled incorporates a single 30-inch piece of galvanized steel on its bottom, ensuring impeccable tracking on various terrains, including icy surfaces and steep side hills. For those seeking enhanced control and stability, double skegs or runners can also be added to the sled, further showcasing the adaptability and versatility of the Siglin 10x32 sled.

Technical Specs


Durable Construction: The Siglin Sled is built to last, thanks to its rugged design and high-quality materials.

Ultraviolet-Resistant UHMW: Crafted from ultraviolet-resistant ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), ensuring longevity even in harsh sunlight.

Arctic-Ready: Designed to withstand extreme cold, the sled remains unaffected by temperatures as low as -60°F.

Spacious Dimensions: With a 32-inch width and 9 feet 6 inches in length, it provides ample storage space for gear and essentials.

Versatile Cargo Loading: The flat inside bottom measures 24 inches by 8 feet, allowing for easy loading and securing of cargo.

Marine-Grade Side Ropes: Equipped with marine-grade side ropes for secure lashing down of gear.

Multiple Hitch Options: The 3 or 4-foot triangular tongue can be set up for either a flapper or pintle hitch as either standard or spring loaded.

Superior Tracking: Features a single 30-inch galvanized steel piece on the bottom to ensure straight tracking on icy terrain and steep side hills.

Optional Double Skegs or Runners: Enhance control and stability with the choice of customizing double skegs or runners.

Technical Specs

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Total Sled Assembly Weight
58 LBS
Sled Weight
41 LBS
Standard 3' Tongue Weight
12.4 LBS
Average Hitch Weight
2.5 LBS
Sled Length
9' 6"
Sled Width
Side Wall Height
Flat Bottom Length
Flat Bottom Width
UHMW Thickness
1/4 Inch
30" Galv Steel Skeg

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