Alaska Gear Company Willow Mountain Ranch PA-18 Fuselage - AFA017-WM

Willow Mountain Ranch PA-18 Fuselage

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The Willow Mountain Ranch Fuselage is the top choice for bush plane enthusiasts. Featuring the Willow Mountain Ranch Lowered Floor STC, this airframe excels with its lightweight design and practical baggage area. The STC lowers the baggage floor onto the lower longerons, expanding storage by 3.3 cubic feet.

This design accommodates a 35-quart cooler, optimizing storage beneath the dogleg. The increased space also allows for comfortable sleeping within the Cub, ideal for extended bush plane adventures.

Weight is crucial for bush plane pilots, and the Willow Mountain Ranch STC reduces the standard fuselage weight by 4.7 lbs, enhancing overall performance.

Note: The listed price for the Willow Mountain Ranch Fuselage does not include the STC. For details or inquiries, contact us or STC owner Ken MacDonald at 907-495-5525 or

Experience peak bush plane innovation with the Willow Mountain Ranch Fuselage, offering cutting-edge design, increased functionality, and reduced weight. Choose from finishing options like bare metal, prime powder coated, 1-color powder coated, or 2-color powder coated for a customized look. 


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Technical Specs

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