Alaska Gear Company URHM40E - Massive Electrode Spark Plug - URHM40E

URHM40E - Massive Electrode Spark Plug

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The URHM40E is a high-performance spark plug designed to enhance the combustion process in aircraft engines. It boasts a massive electrode that delivers a wider spark gap, leading to improved ignition, superior combustion, and increased engine power. This translates to a smoother, more responsive flying experience and enhanced fuel efficiency.


  • Massive electrode: Provides a wider spark gap for enhanced ignition and combustion.
  • High-grade alumina ceramic insulator: Ensures exceptional durability and reliability in demanding aviation environments.
  • Nickel electrode: Offers superior resistance to wear and tear for extended service life.
  • Copper core: Enables efficient heat dissipation for optimal performance.
  • 5/8"-24 thread size: Compatible with most aircraft engines.
  • 1/2" reach: Provides optimal fit for most aircraft engines.