Alaska Gear Company Semi Flexible USB Digital Articulating Borescope - VA-980

Semi Flexible USB Digital Articulating Borescope

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Twist, bend, lock, inspect -- maneuverability and ease of use set the semi-flexible Vividia borescope apart. This 65cm borescope is ideal for inspecting cylinders, wings, and tanks. There's no need for a separate monitor. The Vividia borescope connects to most smartphones and tablets directly with the supplied USB cord or with the Airbox USB to WiFi Converter (sold separately). Easily record video and take still shots during inspections to track persistent maintenance issues or frequent wear points.Specs

18-degree continuously adjustable articulation with a 3mm bend radius
Quick lock/unlock camera angle mechanism
6 built-in dimmable LEDs
Probe Diameter/Length: 8.5mm/65cm
Sensor: CMOS sensor with 64x48 pixel resolution
Camera Depth of Field: 4mm to 4mm
Working Temperature: 32F to 14F (C to 6C)

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Vividia Digital Articulating Inspection Camera Borescope User Manual

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