Alaska Gear Company PSTOL Flap Mounting Hardware Kit - PSTOL-WPHK-2

PSTOL Flap Mounting Hardware Kit

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The Performance STOL PA-18 Double Slotted Flaps Mounting Hardware kit is for customers who have already installed the PSTOL Wing Prep Kit (PSTOL-WPHK). This kit is for certified aircraft and is the final hardware needed for mounting.

The mounting hardware included in this kit is listed below. Instructions for installation can be found in our PSTOL Flap Installation Instructions.

Part Description Qty
PSTOL-0029 Hanger Extender Assembly 4
AN525-832R16 Screw: Washer Head, Structural 8
AN960-8L Plain Washer 8
MS21042-L08 Nut: All Metal Lock, Lubed 8
PSTOL-0033 Hanger Stiffener 4
AN3-6A bolt; hex hd, st. undrilled shank 4
NAS1149F0332P Washer AN960-10L 4
MS21044N3 Nylon Insert Lock Nut 4

Note: This kit does not include the STC, but the STC should have been obtained with the PSTOL Wing Prep Kit.