Alaska Gear Company PA-18 T3 Dual Shock - ABI-51343

PA-18 T3 Dual Shock

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STC Approved for Certified PA-18 Super Cubs, the T3 Dual Suspension transforms aircraft performance with its precision-engineered design, replacing conventional leaf spring tail suspension to provide superior landing, take-off, and taxi experiences. Its coil-over style tail spring assembly, equipped with dual coil springs and oil shocks, adeptly absorbs landing energy, thereby reducing fuselage stress and elevating pilot control.


The T3 Dual Suspension, precision-engineered for superior performance, replaces traditional leaf spring suspension, providing an advanced solution for improved landing, take-off, and taxi experiences. Featuring a coil-over style assembly with dual coil springs and oil shocks, it efficiently absorbs landing energy, reducing fuselage stress and enhancing pilot control. The system includes robust mounting brackets and fixture plates for stability, secured with high-quality AN hardware for reliable flight connections.

The T3's adjustability allows pilots to control pre-load and rebound settings. Pre-load is fine-tuned by adjusting the spring perch nut, while rebound damping is easily customized through the top adjustment knob. Although factory settings are pre-optimized, pilots can perform routine checks for maintenance during pre-flight inspections.

With its revolutionary design, the T3 Dual Suspension prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, delivering optimal performance without constant adjustments and redefining aircraft handling dynamics.

Technical Specs


Certified Compatibility: Approved for use with Certified PA-18 Super Cubs, the T3 Dual Suspension ensures seamless integration with specific aircraft models, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Precision Engineering: The T3's precision-engineered design sets a new standard in aircraft performance, reshaping the experience of landing, take-off, and taxiing for pilots.

Leaf Spring Replacement: By replacing conventional leaf spring suspension, the T3 Dual Suspension introduces a revolutionary approach to enhance overall aircraft handling dynamics.

Coil-Over Style Assembly: Featuring a coil-over style tail spring assembly, the T3 incorporates dual coil springs and oil shocks for superior energy absorption during landings.

Stress Reduction: Efficient landing energy absorption directly contributes to reduced fuselage stress, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of the aircraft.

Enhanced Pilot Control: With the dual coil springs and oil shocks working seamlessly, the T3 Dual Suspension significantly enhances pilot control during critical phases of flight, offering a more responsive and reliable experience.

Customizable Adjustability: Pilots benefit from the T3's customizable features, including adjustable pre-load and rebound settings. Fine-tune the pre-load with the spring perch nut, and easily customize rebound damping through the top adjustment knob, providing flexibility without sacrificing peak performance.

Robust Mounting: The suspension system includes robust structural mounting brackets and side fixture plates, establishing a stable foundation for optimal functionality and reliability.

Technical Specs

System Weight
6.6 lbs
System Dimensions
16" x 3"
Compatible Tailwheel
ABI 3200 Series Single Bolt Tailwheel
Approved Gross Weight For Certified PA-18
2500 lbs
Total Spring Shock Compression
2000 lbs
Compatible Experimental Aircraft
Piper and SQ Model

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