Alaska Gear Company PA-18 Fuselage - AFA017
Alaska Gear Company PA-18 Fuselage - AFA017

PA-18 Fuselage

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The Airframes Alaska Standard PA-18 Fuselage is a modern version of the original PA-18 fuselage supplied by Piper. We took the best elements of that design and added specific safety features and improvements to common fatigue points. In addition to up-sizing certain tubes for durability and safety reasons, the advancements available on every Airframes Alaska standard Super Cub fuselage include:

X-brace over the pilot (commonly referred to as a " top deck X")
Inverted dog leg behind the baggage compartment
X-brace below the cargo/third seat area (commonly referred to as "third seat X")
Built-in extended baggage frames (our STC includes provisioning these for in-flight extended baggage use)
Reinforced tail (commonly referred to as a "boxed tail")
Removable rear seat crossbar
Two lift handles
Removal of all the brackets and hard points for the original battery installation behind baggage

Fuselage Weights: A standard Airframes Alaska fuselage weighs 102 lbs. The original Piper fuselage weighed 95.5 lbs. With a common set of modifications such as powder coating, a baggage door, and weld-on float fittings, an average Airframes Alaska bush plane fuselage weighs 110 lbs. In general, baggage door frames add about 2 lbs to the weight of a frame. The heaviest frame we have ever delivered was a fully tricked-out, powder-coated, wide-body fuselage that weighed 134 lbs. Customers highly sensitive to weight should consider the light fuselage. While slightly more expensive, this additional STC does away with the raised extended baggage floor and saves the fuselage 4.7 lbs.

Finishing Note: Fuselages are shipped with the options of bare metal, prime powder coated, 1-color powder coated, or 2-color powder coated. We use an extensive FAA-approved and FAA-audited powder-coating process to ensure a strong and durable finish.

Shipping Note: The website cannot quote shipping on PA-18 fuselages. We put every fuselage shipment out to bid in an effort to achieve the best price for our customers. Fuselages are shipped in either a crate or on a skid with metal roll bars. The skid is lighter and usually results in a better shipping quote. The crate, however, offers more protection. The decision comes down to carrier requirements and the distance the frame needs to travel. Shipping a fuselage usually costs between $1000 and $2000.

FAA/PMA STC Approved


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Technical Specs

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