Alaska Gear Company ABI Lightweight 10x650 Wheel Assembly - ABI-10650LW 1.5
Alaska Gear Company ABI Lightweight 10x650 Wheel Assembly - ABI-10650LW 1.5

ABI Lightweight 10x650 Wheel Assembly

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The Lightweight 10650 Wheel from Airframes Alaska offers a remarkable alternative to the original heavy-duty 10x650 wheel. Crafted from cast aluminum, this wheel retains exceptional strength and durability while shedding over 8 lbs. The front wheel half is stylized with a topo design and anodized gunmetal gray, and the rear wheel half is anodized black.

The Lightweight 10x650 wheel offers the same benefits as the original heavy-duty wheel at half the weight.

Piper and Husky aircraft require an axle spacer kit for installation on a 1.25" axle. This kit does not allow the use of a 1.25" wheel on a 1.5" Axle. 


The Original ABI 10x650 wheel was designed to accommodate the largest and heaviest 35" Alaskan Bushwheel tires used in rugged backcountry environments. This wheel offered exceptional durability and performance, but it came with a significant weight penalty. Now with the Lightweight 10x650, you can take all those advantages and slash the weight in half. 

The lightweight 10x650 offers significant value over other lightweight 10-inch wheels and the market. It comes in over 8 LBS lighter per set than the original ABI 10x650 wheel and over 7 LBS lighter than the Grove 10-inch wheel while maintaining the same weight as the Beringer 10-inch Wheel. 

The ABI Lightweight 10x650 is compatible with your existing brakes which poses yet another advantage over converting to the Beringer Wheels which require a metric conversion including replacing the Master Cylinder, Brake Calipers, Metric Brake Lines, and fittings, and requires an Axle taper kit. This leads to roughly double the cost for the same reduction in weight.

The ABI Lightweight 10x650 Wheel provides the optimal balance of weight reduction and durability to create the Alaskan-tested and proven 10-inch wheel for navigating backcountry terrains.

Technical Specs


Weight Reduction: The Lightweight 10x650 Wheel weighs just 9.6 lbs per set, offering a 50% reduction in weight compared to the standard 10x650 wheel.

Compatibility: This wheel assembly seamlessly integrates with existing ABI brake systems, eliminating the need for brake component replacements.

Robust Construction: Crafted from durable cast aluminum, the Lightweight 10x650 maintains exceptional strength and durability.

Optimized Performance: Aircraft equipped with this wheel experience improved performance, particularly in terms of maneuverability and handling.

Anodized Finish: The professional anodized gunmetal gray finish adds a sleek and polished appearance to your aircraft.

Alaskan Heritage: Proudly made in Alaska, reflecting the adaptability to the rugged and demanding landscape of its origin.

Improved Backcountry Performance: The Lightweight 10650 Wheel allows pilots to drop weight without compromising their ability to land safely in the backcountry.

Designed for the Alaskan Bushwheels: The Lightweight 10650 Wheel is the standard wheel made to fit the Alaskan Bushwheels' 35" tires, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance in rugged and off-airport environments.

Technical Specs

Part Number
Wheel Diameter
Axle Size
1.25" or 1.5"
Brake Disc Bolt Configuration
1.5" Axle Brake Disc
3-Bolt (164-03601)
1.25" Axle Brake Disc
3-Bolt (164-06700AB)
1.5" Axle Wheel Assy Weight
9.6 LBS
8.8 LBS