Alaska Gear Company Hunter Package Unframed Canvas Wall Tent - T11440
Alaska Gear Company Hunter Package Unframed Canvas Wall Tent - T11440
Alaska Gear Company Hunter Package Unframed Canvas Wall Tent - T11440

Hunter Package Unframed Canvas Wall Tent

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The Hunter package is an exceptional choice for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hunting and trapping. This unframed wall tent offers great versatility in setup and comes in the. Its design is perfect for accommodating hunting equipment and providing a comfortable shelter during outdoor excursions.

Dimensions listed are cut-size and differ from the finished size of the tent.

Frame not included. Measure your tent before building a frame.


Alaska Gear Company's Unframed Wall Tent stands as a testament to durability and reliability long relied upon in the harsh conditions of Alaska. These tents are built from Sunforger 13oz DLX material; this premier canvas is double-filled, pre-shrunk, and marine-grade, offering exceptional resistance to fire, water, and mildew, along with specialized treatment to maintain breathability.

With the inclusion of a stove, our wall tents transform into year-round homesteads, offering warmth and shelter in any condition. Each tent is spacious, versatile, rugged, and steeped in tradition. Alaska Gear Company Wall Tents epitomize the essence of backcountry living.

Technical Specs

  • Canvas - 13oz double-filled, preshrunk, marine-grade, fire/water/mildew resistant cotton.
  • Stove Jack - 4.5" Built-In Oval Stove Jack with Cover Flap
  • Sod Cloth - Included
  • Mosquito Netting - Included
  • Available Dimensions - 8x10, 10x12, 12x14


  • Ridgepole openings standard at both ends
  • Rope-reinforced eaves for longevity and ruggedness
  • Reinforced heavy-duty canvas corners for durability
  • Large brass grommets installed around the bottom and eave
  • Overlapping door flaps with ties to keep outdoors out
  • Zippered door with heavy-duty #10 tooth zipper
  • Window in the back wall: 56" triangle with two #10 zippers and insect screen
  • 4.5" Oval Stove Jack with stove jack cover flap
  • Pin-in mosquito net included
  • Sod Cloth included sealing tent to the ground

Technical Specs

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