Alaska Gear Company Vapex Wall Tent - T11300

Vapex Wall Tent

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The Vapex Wall Tent by Alaska Gear Company offers lightweight durability with its breathable polypropylene Vapex™ fabric. Weighing just 6.4oz, it features standard ridgepole openings, reinforced eaves, and heavy-duty canvas corners. The design balances accessibility and protection with overlapping door flaps, a zippered door, and a 56" triangle window with an insect screen. Customize dimensions and weights according to your needs, with prices starting at specified points and additional options available separately.


The Vapex Wall Tent by Alaska Gear Company is a versatile and durable shelter designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted from Vapex™, an exceptionally lightweight and breathable polypropylene fabric, this wall tent addresses condensation concerns while maintaining a Storm Resistant rain impact rating. Weighing in at just 6.4oz, Vapex™ stands as our lightest wall tent fabric, offering a perfect balance of weight and durability.

Featuring standard ridgepole openings at both ends, the tent ensures optimal ventilation, while rope-reinforced eaves enhance longevity and ruggedness. Reinforced heavy-duty canvas corners and large brass grommets contribute to the tent's overall durability.

The design includes overlapping door flaps with ties and a zippered door equipped with a heavy-duty #10 tooth zipper, providing secure access and protection from the elements. The back wall incorporates a 56" triangle window with two #10 zippers and an insect screen, offering ventilation options with added convenience.

Customization is key, and all wall tents can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please note that dimensions listed are cut size and differ from the finished size, and weights are approximate. Prices start at the specified points, and additional options can be added separately to create your ideal outdoor shelter.

*Frame not included. Before building a frame, measure your tent to ensure a perfect fit. The Vapex Wall Tent from Alaska Gear Company is your reliable partner for outdoor adventures, combining innovation and tradition in a feature-rich design.

Technical Specs


Vapex™ Fabric: Lightweight and breathable polypropylene fabric for enhanced durability and Storm Resistant rain protection.

Versatile Ridgepole Openings: Standard openings at both ends for optimal ventilation and versatility in setup.

Rope-Reinforced Eaves: Increased longevity and ruggedness with eaves designed for durability.

Heavy-Duty Canvas Corners: Reinforced corners ensure the tent's overall durability and resilience in various conditions.

Brass Grommets: Large brass grommets installed around the bottom and eave for added strength and stability.

Secure Entry: Overlapping door flaps with ties and a zippered door featuring a heavy-duty #10 tooth zipper for secure access.

Back Wall Window: 56" triangle window with two #10 zippers and an insect screen, providing ventilation options with added convenience.

Technical Specs

Fabric Type:
Fabric Weight:
Flame Resistance:
CPIA-84 certified flame resistant
56" triangle window
Double canvas corners and large brass grommets

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