Alaska Gear Company Footprint (Arctic Oven 8) - T00996

Footprint (Arctic Oven 8)

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If you are going to be in some rough terrain with your Arctic Oven tent, your tent is bound to get beat up by rocks, branches, ice, or debris. Protect the floor and prolong the life of your tent with an 18oz vinyl Arctic Oven footprint.

The footprint will act as a barrier between the ground and the nylon tent floor on the tent body, keeping your tent like new for years to come.18 oz vinyl ground cloth placed under the tent body.

Cold crack temperature rating of -67 degrees F.Waterproof and fire-resistant material.

Will keep ground moisture from making contact with the nylon tent floor.Creates a floor in the vestibule space for vestibule-style tents. Includes ring and pins on the four corners to insert into the tent poles, securing the tent body to the footprint.