Alaska Gear Company Floor Saver Arctic Oven Quest - T01022

Floor Saver Arctic Oven Quest

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This floor saver is built for the Arctic Oven Quest.When in the field you are constantly tracking in dirt, rocks, snow, mud and twigs, but you can keep the nylon floor of your tent protected with our Arctic Oven‚Ñ¢ tent floor saver.Made out of a 1.9oz urethane-coated ripstop nylon material, our floor savers are lightweight, yet durable. These floor covers are especially important when using a "buddy" style heater in your tent for protecting the floor from excess heat.With spring snaps located at each corner, the floor savers are pre-sized to fit your Arctic Oven‚Ñ¢ tent. Treat your tent with care and protect it with a floor saver.