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Alaska Gear Company LB Flex Sled - NSWFLEXL

LB Flex Sled

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The backcountry roll-up flex sled comes in two model sizes, utilizing 1/16th UHMW cold crack-resistant plastic. It can be disassembled and rolled up when no longer needed. One of the advantages of the flex sled over other portable game sleds is that both of these sleds use a rocker profile, allowing for superior navigability and fewer snags and hang-ups while pulling.


The small flex sled is ideal for a game sled or pulk sled and offers incredible versatility in transport into the field. These small sleds are a great choice for hunting guides or DIY hunters who need the ability to haul out heavy loads of game but don't have the space to bring a traditional sled.

The larger flex sleds are built with a strap-hauling system that runs along the sides and back of the sled and attaches to a harness. This design gives you more stability and an even pull while hauling. In addition, the large flex sled features a paracord lashing system that allows you to strap your load securely to the sled.

Rigorously designed and tested by backcountry expert Larry Bartlett.

Larry Bartlett has spent years hunting and exploring the backcountry of Alaska. Throughout his adventures, he found the need for a flexible hauling system that could be broken down, packed away, and brought back out when needed throughout the journey. This is ideal for packing in on hunts as a game sled, transporting pack rafts, and hauling more gear than possible with a backpack.

See Larry Bartlett in action:

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Technical Specs

Small Flex Sled

  • Sled Dimension: 30" x 12"
  • Rolled Dimensions: 24" x 4.5"
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Ideal Load Weight: 60 lbs
  • Material: 1/16th UHMW Crack Resistant Plastic

Large Flex Sled

  • Sled Dimension: 60" x 20
  • Rolled Dimensions: 32" x 6"
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Ideal Load Weight: 150 lbs
  • Material: 1/16th UHMW Crack Resistant Plastic


Versatile Access: Compact rolled size is ideal for Fly-In, Hike-in, and Float-in backcountry access.

Roll-Up Flexibility: Easily breaks down, rolls up when no longer needed, and rolls out once it is.

Portable Game Sled: The rigid bottom and rocker profile make for a superior portable game sled with fewer snags and smoother pulls.

Paracord Lashing System: Preinstalled lashing points on the sides and back of the sled keep your load secured.

Rocker Profile: Gives a smoother pull with less snagging and superior terrain navigation.

Built-In Line Attachments: The hauling strap runs loops through and around the back of the sled, giving you greater stability. *Large Model Only

Technical Specs

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Balet Pascal

unfortunately there were no instructions for use and assembly. I improvised and I'm happy with it. But maybe I don't have the optimal setup