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Arctic Oven Igloo

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The Arctic Oven Igloo comes stove-ready, storm-proof, and features a geodesic design for high-wind-stability, keeping you dry and toasty no matter the conditions. Designed with the storms of Kodiak Island in mind. It combines high-strength tent poles strung with arctic-grade bungees to create a frame that stands up to high winds without compromising height. 


The Arctic Oven Igloo is a meticulously crafted four-season hot tent designed to excel in harsh conditions. Built with precision and attention to detail, it is trusted in the rugged landscapes of Alaska, the icy expanses of Antarctica, the Canadian taiga, and the forests of the northern United States to Europe. With its stove-ready design, storm-proof construction, and geodesic structure engineered for high-wind stability, the Igloo is a reliable shelter.

Featuring a footprint area of 78.5 square feet, dimensions of 9' 10" x 9' 8", and a peak height of 6' 3", it comfortably accommodates up to three people with a stove or five people without. Crafted from Vapex and Ripstop Nylon, it weighs 37 pounds and packs down to 27" x 22" x 18". The Vapex material ensures excellent heat management, reflecting heat in winter and deflecting it in summer, providing true four-season usability.

Designed for stove compatibility, the Igloo includes a built-in stove jack and high and low tubular air vents for superior air circulation. Its storm-resistant features, including reinforced tie-outs and a durable urethane-coated 4 oz. oxford nylon rainfly with seam-sealed construction, make it a reliable shelter for high winds, snow loads, and rainstorms. The Vapex fabric, in addition to its waterproof properties, offers breathability, making it suitable for various outdoor applications. Flame retardant and UV resistant, it's a durable choice for demanding environments.

Technical Specs


All-Season Shelter: With the Arctic Oven Igloo, you can operate confidently in the backcountry regardless of season or weather.

Integrated Stove Compatibility: Designed with a built-in fireproof silica glass stove jack for optimal hot tent performance and safety.

Bomb Proof Dome Design: Built to withstand the winds of Kodiak utilizing aviation-grade aluminum poles with arctic-grade bungees paired with ripstop nylon to handle extreme weather.

Effective Air Circulation: Cross-flow air vents promote proper airflow, enhancing stove performance while reducing the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Moisture-Free Interior: The Vapex fabric leverages a polyurethane membrane providing moisture-wicking technology that eliminates condensation creating a dry interior.

Maximum Heat Retention: The Vapex material exhibits high thermal reflectivity and low thermal absorptivity, effectively retaining heat generated by the internal heating source.

Insulated Air Pocket: Its architectural design incorporates an insulating airspace layer between the tent body and the rainfly, preventing the intermingling of warmed air within this cavity with the ambient external cold air.

Flame Resistant Materials: Built to be a hot tent the body is constructed with Vapex which exhibits a myriad of benefits one of which is flame resistance as well as a silica glass stove jack that is fireproof up to 700 degrees F.

Storm-Proof: Engineered to tackle high winds, heavy snow loads, and torrential rainstorms, this hot tent provides a secure refuge when the weather turns harsh.

Technical Specs

4 Season Hot Tent
Footprint Area
78.5 Square Feet
Footprint Dimensions
9' 10" x 9' 8"
Peak Height
6' 3"
Capacity +Stove
3 Person
Capacity -Stove
5 Person
Tent Material
Vapex + Ripstop Nylon
Tent Weight
37 LBS
Packed Size
27" x 22" x 18"



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Jamie Kautuq

Great tent