3400/3450 Tailwheel Shimmy Dampener

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The 3400/3450 series tailwheel shimmy dampener effectively addresses tailwheel shimmy, a common issue in conventional gear aircraft, by mitigating factors like caster angle, tail weight, speed, and tailwheel maintenance. This STC'd solution offers reliability and minimizes or eliminates the problem for tail dragger pilots.

Requires a long pawl tailwheel and is not compatible with the T3 shock. 

Tailwheel Type
Steering Arm

The Bolt-on Tailwheel Shimmy Dampener developed by Keller Engineering, LLC addresses a persistent challenge encountered by pilots of conventional gear aircraft—tailwheel shimmy. This phenomenon is caused by a combination of variables, including caster angle variations, changes in tail weight, aircraft speed, and the overall condition of the tailwheel assembly. As aircraft age and undergo wear, these variables become increasingly difficult to manage, leading to tailwheel shimmy, which can compromise aircraft control and safety.

Our solution is a hydraulic dampening device designed specifically for Scott & ABI 3200 & 3400 Series Tailwheel Assemblies. This dampener is engineered to effectively reduce or eliminate tailwheel shimmy, regardless of the varying factors at play. By utilizing hydraulic technology, the device counteracts tailwheel oscillations, resulting in smoother ground operations, safer take-offs, and landings, and a reduction in aircraft wear and tear. Its compact and lightweight design ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the tailwheel assembly without adding unnecessary weight or complexity.

The motivation behind developing this dampening solution was to enhance the overall safety and performance of conventional gear aircraft. Tailwheel shimmy can be a persistent and challenging issue, particularly as aircraft age and maintenance requirements become more demanding. By addressing this problem comprehensively, the Tailwheel Shimmy Dampener aims to provide a dependable tool for pilots to maintain better control over their aircraft, reduce wear and tear, and ultimately enhance the safety of their flights.

Advanced hydraulic technology effectively reduces and counteracts tailwheel oscillations, ensuring a smoother and more controlled ground operation.

The compact and lightweight design features a streamlined form factor and minimal weight addition that seamlessly integrates with your aircraft without compromising overall performance or handling.

Simplified Bolt-On Installation alleviates concerns related to the cost, complexity, and downtime required to perform the modification.

Compatible with both ABI and original Scott 3400 & 3450 series tailwheel models in multiple tailspring widths and stinger diameters.

Improved ground operations through reduced tailwheel oscillation, resulting in smoother take-off and landings reducing wear and tear on the aircraft.

Expertly engineered earning STC and PMA approval from the FAA. STC included with purchase.

Technical Specs

1.6 LBS
Required Pawl
Long Pawl
3400 Bent Assembly
3400 Straight Assembly
3450 Straight Assembly


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