ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly

ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly

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The ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly is a high-performance and durable brake system designed for use with Alaskan Bushwheel (ABI) 199-71 wheel and brake kits. It also serves as a PMAd replacement for the Cleveland 30-60A brake assembly, offering a cost-effective solution for enhanced braking performance. Featuring a single-piston caliper made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, a steel anchor plate for added strength, and high-friction brake pads, it ensures excellent stopping power, even in adverse conditions.

The ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly stands as a robust and high-performance solution tailored to meet the braking requirements of aircraft equipped with Alaskan Bushwheel (ABI) 199-71 wheel and brake kits, also serving as a PMAd replacement for the Cleveland 30-60A brake assembly. This assembly comprises essential components, including a single-piston caliper made from lightweight and durable aluminum, an anchor plate crafted from robust steel to enhance strength, and high-friction brake pads ensuring exceptional stopping power, even in challenging conditions. Ease of installation and maintenance are key advantages of the ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly, making it a user-friendly choice for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, it holds FAA/PMA approval, offering compatibility with a variety of aircraft models.

Single-Piston Caliper: The ABI 30-60A Brake Assembly features a single-piston caliper made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, providing exceptional stopping power during aircraft landings and ground operations.

Anchor Plate Strength: Crafted from robust steel, the anchor plate adds significant strength to the brake assembly, ensuring reliability even in challenging conditions and heavy use.

High-Friction Brake Pads: The inclusion of high-friction brake pads ensures superior braking performance, contributing to increased safety and control during aircraft operations.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: This brake assembly is user-friendly, with straightforward installation and maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and operational hassles for aircraft owners and maintenance teams.

Readily Available Parts: The ABI 30-60A is backed by an inventory of readily available maintenance parts, simplifying the process of replacing and rebuilding your brakes as needed.

FAA/PMA Approved: With FAA/PMA approval, the ABI 30-52N Brake Assembly is compatible with a wide range of aircraft models.

Technical Specs

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