ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly
ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly

ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly

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The ABI 10x10 wheel assembly can be used with all of these tires, as well as other 29-inch or 8.50x10s equipped with either 4 or 6 plies, and has integrated bead locking grooves.

Axle Size

The ABI 10x10 has redefined reliability and performance in the aviation industry. This innovative product is a preferred choice among aircraft owners looking for top-tier quality for their 29" Airhawk tires or 8.50x10s with 4 or 6 plies. Notably, the ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly stands as a substantial improvement over the older Gar Aero adapter.

The Gar Aero adapter, developed in the early 1990s, allowed mounting a 29-inch Airhawk tire on a 10-inch wheel. This adapter consisted of two aluminum plates bonded together with epoxy, featuring a lip that fit into the wheel and a beadlock ring to secure the tire. While it served as a crucial solution for aircraft using Airhawk tires, it had its limitations. Firstly, being a bonded assembly, it proved challenging to remove and replace when needed. Secondly, under heavy loads, the adapter could flex, resulting in unwanted vibration and tire wear. Lastly, compatibility issues with some 10-inch wheels posed additional challenges.

In contrast, the ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly offers several significant advantages. This bolt-on assembly simplifies removal and replacement, eliminating the difficulties associated with bonded assemblies. The ABI wheel's superior stiffness reduces vibration and minimizes tire wear, improving overall performance and safety. Importantly, it is compatible with all 10-inch wheels, making it the preferred choice for numerous pilots relying on Airhawk tires. Upgrade to the ABI 10x10 Wheel Assembly for timeless quality and lasting performance in your aviation endeavors.

Reinforced Beadlock System guarantees tire security, preventing slippage and enhancing overall safety.

FAA/PMA Approved: This wheel assembly is fully approved by the FAA/PMA, meeting stringent aviation standards for safety and reliability.

Machined surfaces specified to fit 35" Alaskan Bushwheel while remaining optimized for 29" Airhawks and 8.50x10 tires.

Bolt-on design affords effortless installation and replacement while obviating the difficulties of using bonded adapters.

Expanded bearing surface delivers superior durability, increased load-bearing capabilities, and reduced friction-related wear.

Protect Against Water and Salt: Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum guarding against damage from water and salt, making it suitable for aircraft operating in coastal and undeveloped locations.

Technical Specs

Part Number
Wheel Diameter
Axle Size
1.25" or 1.5"
Brake Disc Bolt Configuration
3-Bolt Brake
1.5" Axle Brake Disc
3-Bolt (164-03601)
1.25" Axle Brake Disc
3-Bolt (164-06700AB)
1.5" Axle Wheel Assy Weight
16.8 LBS
1.25" Axle Wheel Assy Weight
16 LBS


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