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Anna & Kristy ​Berington


Iditarod Mushers. Knik, Alaska. Kristy Berington, owns and operates Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing with twin sister Anna Berington. Has mushed thousands of miles across Alaska including 14 Iditarods and the Yukon Quest. Spending more time outside than inside year around. Adventures in cycling, hiking, running and paddling are some of the preferred ways to spend free time. Veteran, carpenter, wrangler and commercial fisherman are just a few jobs that fill out an extensive collection of jobs and experiences in the last frontier. Living in a small cabin with 35 dogs, two cats and husband, Andy Pohl, there’s never a dull moment. Anna Berington, partner in Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing, musher competing in races all around Alaska, including 13 Iditarod races, living the dream in Knik,Alaska with 38 huskies.

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Ben Parker

Alaska Oil Field Worker. Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, Valdez - Atigun Pass - Prudhoe Bay. Full bio coming soon.

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Chris Shannon


Heli Ski Guide & Pilot. Nome, Alaska. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1979, I grew up at my parent's remote lodge on the Tokositna River, which is located inside Denali National Park on the south side of the Alaska Range. Showing our state to guests from all over the world, I helped local dog mushers with lodge tours and later ran the riverboat for my parents. In 1996, at 16, I was the first snowboarder to race in Arctic Man. At 18, I ended up in Nome, Alaska, where I continue to find the perfect combination of work and play. With my wife Anahma, I built our own home 13 miles north of Nome at Banner Creek and raised two amazing kids, Shyloah & Kive. We love flying our Taylorcraft around western Alaska and have had countless adventures with it! Although I have worked at Bering Air for the past 21 years, I only recently made the decision to fly commercially. Getting helicopter fever not long ago, I attained my commercial helicopter rating last April and have been busy getting on line since. I do some seasonal guiding for Twin Peaks Adventures, which includes springtime heli-ski tours in Western Alaska. I’m always looking for the next adventure, whether hunting, fishing, floating, or hitting the local hot springs. As the saying goes, the road goes on forever, and the good times never end…

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Erin Carr

Reindeer Researcher. Fairbanks, Alaska. Erin is a lifelong Alaskan. She was raised in Fairbanks and Seward, then returned to Fairbanks to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). In 2011, she started working for the UAF Reindeer Research Program where she was the primary caretaker for a 60+ herd of reindeer. She also traveled throughout western Alaska working with rural reindeer herds and herders. Currently, Erin works for the UAF Large Animal Research Station taking care of 40+ reindeer and 40+ muskox.

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Kurt Lockwood

Kurt Lockwood spent his childhood in Northern Michigan whe he developed a deep love for the outdoors. He moved to Alaska in 1993 to study Wildlife Biology at UAF where he also became involved with the Alaska Alpine Club. After graduating and completing the Trooper Academy in 1997, he began a fulfilling career in Fairbanks. Kurt continued his outdoor pursuits, including triathlons and ultra-marathons, embracing the Alaskan lifestyle through trapping and long-distance travel. He's now retired, active in the community as a board member for the Alaska Trappers Association.

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Heidi Hatcher


Alaska Wildlife Biologist. Gakona, Alaska. Heidi was born and raised in North Carolina, where she grew up hunting and fishing as the daughter of a Game Warden. While studying at Appalachian State University, Heidi developed a professional background as an outdoor experiential educator and guide. She spent several winter seasons as a certified ski and snowboard instructor and as a backpacking instructor and hiking guide in summer. Heidi moved to Alaska in 2010, where she continued her professional career as an outdoor educator and guide while studying at UAF, gaining the education and skills necessary to achieve her ultimate career goal of becoming a wildlife biologist. During this time, she met and married an Alaskan pilot and settled in Alaska for good. Heidi has worked as a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Glennallen since 2015; the original bunny boots are the only thing that has kept her feet from freezing during annual aerial moose surveys. Heidi has extensive backcountry experience, ranging from 2-week-long ski mountaineering expeditions to 10-day sheep hunts and everything in between. Heidi lives in Gakona with her husband, two small children, and their rescue pup.

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Field Tester #24

Confidential Test. Arctic Ice Flow, Arctic Ocean. No additional information will be provided.

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Jeff Eisberg

SERE Specialist. Anchorage, Alaska. Full bio coming soon.

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Jeremy Pepperd


Alaska Bush Pilot. Wasilla, Alaska. Life long Alaskan, bush pilot and STOL enthusiast. Xploring Alaska's backcountry adventures, hunting, fishing, and following the road less traveled.

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JJ Waldrop

Power Lineman. Anchorage, Alaska. Full bio coming soon.

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Kelly Reynolds


Kelly Reynolds is a born and raised Alaskan and lives in Fairbanks. Kelly has always embraced the Alaskan lifestyle, even from a very young age and has grown to be a passionate outdoorswoman and tries to take advantage of every opportunity Alaska provides and seizes every chance she has to adventure, explore, and spend time outside. Kelly grew up hunting, and it's been a huge part of her identity her entire life. She is a second-generation pilot and owns a Piper PA-14 airplane that she utilizes year round. Kelly is very intentional with how her life supports her hobbies and outdoor pursuits. This kind of lifestyle isn't for the faint of heart; it's not always easy or glamorous, but it's always fulfilling, and she loves every second of it. Learning how to enjoy Alaska, even in the coldest of temperatures, is vital to living a fulfilling life, and Kelly has always appreciated having the best gear that allows her to do so. She spends a lot of time in the Brooks Range and interior of Alaska adventuring in the winter and is looking forward to putting the bunny boots to the test this season.

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Jake Lamphier


Alaska Big Game Guide. Willow, Alaska. Father of 2 daughters and with my wife we live on our homestead in Willow. Alaska hunting guide, business owner and pilot.

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Leona Ket'aq Burnett


Location: Bethel, Alaska Leona is a native Alaskan Yupik/Swedish. She was born in Alaska and grew up in the northern part of Sweden. During the summers, her family would come back for subsistence fishing. She was raised outdoors, always camping with family. Leona was five months old when her parents took her on her first moose Snowmachine hunt to the Yukon, about a 160-mile round trip from Bethel. She currently resides in Bethel, Alaska, where her daily life consists of subsistence activities such as moose hunting, muskox hunting, ice fishing, ptarmigan hunting, bear hunting, and trapping. Being able to fill the freezers with fresh meat and fish from nature is one of the things that makes her feel like she's a billionaire. As soon as she gets the opportunity to be outside in the wild, she's there.

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Megan Corazza


Nordic Ski Coach & Commercial Fisherman. Homer, Alaska. Megan was born and raised in Alaska in remote cabins and on her parent's commercial fishing boat. She has run her own commercial salmon purse seiner for 25 years. She is also a nordic ski coach and was on the PSIA-AASI National Nordic Team from 2012-2016. Now she coaches and organizes races for Kachemak Nordic Ski Club.

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Mathew Klesser

Park Ranger. Grand Marais, Minnesota. I am a park ranger in northern Minnesota. I live off grid with my wife, twin daughters, 30 chickens, 12 rabbits, 3 goats, 20 dogs and a cat.

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Miranda Ciquyaq Robb

Bethel, Alaska. Full bio coming soon.

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Mollie & Sean Busby


Wilderness Lodge Owners. Brooks Range, Alaska. Mollie and Sean Busby built and operate an off-grid wilderness lodge and retreat center called Arctic Hive, nestled 63 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Range.

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Skye Clark


Cattle Rancher. Smoot, Wyoming. Skye is a cattle rancher in western Wyoming. She spends 90% of her days outside. Wyoming has long, brutal winter's and that paired with caring for livestock requires the best gear to keep her warm and able to get the work done.

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Johan Isak Oskal


Tromsø Reindeer Herder. Tromsø, Norway. Reindeer herder from the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.

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Tori Hulslander


Tori Hulslander spent her childhood on her father's ranch in Northeast Oklahoma, raising cattle and horseback riding. At a young age, she discovered her passion for hunting, becoming an enthusiastic bow hunter for whitetail deer and an experienced waterfowler. After finishing high school, Tori enrolled at Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in animal science. During her time there, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of obtaining a pilot's license. After tasting flight for the first time, Tori yearned to move to Alaska and fly super cubs in the bush. She never imagined her dream would come true. After college, she met her husband, Taylor, an F-35 fighter pilot in the Air Force. As luck would have it they were to be stationed in Fairbanks where they are now proud owners of their very own PA-18 Super Cub. Alaska has become a special place for Tori, offering new adventures every season. Whether it's hunting Dall’s sheep in the Brooks Range, backcountry skiing on the Kenai, or snow machining in Valdez, Tori relies on superior quality gear that can help her stay warm and comfortable during the numerous challenges that Alaska brings.

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Tyler Aklestad was born and raised in Alaska, giving him a deep love for the outdoors and a drive for adventure. For 20 years, his winters have been consumed by competing in the IronDog, the world's longest and toughest snowmobile race, traversing over 2,000 miles of sub-zero temperatures, remote terrain, and intense competition as they race from Big Lake to Nome and back again. Beyond competition, Tyler clocks an impressive 7,500 annual miles exploring terrains from Willow to Kotzebue, often finding himself in extreme conditions ranging from -50°F to 40°F.

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