Alaska Gear Company ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Assembly - ABI-3200B (S)
Alaska Gear Company ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Assembly - ABI-3200B (T)
Alaska Gear Company ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Assembly - ABI-3200-3B

ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Assembly

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Suspension Attachment
Steering Arm

Tailwheel Shimmy Dampener



The ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly is a direct replacement for the Scott 3200 tailwheel assembly offering better floatation and control in off-airport maneuvers. It provides extended steering control, easy automatic swivel release, and sealed protection against water, sand, and mud. With precision components and grease fittings for lubrication, it ensures reliable performance in challenging conditions.



The ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly stands out as a robust and versatile replacement for traditional Scott 3200 tailwheels, making it an exceptional choice for aircraft operating in rugged backcountry environments. Designed to excel in demanding conditions such as gravel, river rock, and sand, this assembly is tailored to meet the unique challenges of off-airport landings and takeoffs.

What sets this tailwheel assembly apart are its key components. It features a wide fork, a spacious spacer, a heavy-duty steering arm, and an 11" x 5" x 4" Baby Bushwheel tire. These components work together to significantly enhance flotation at the tail-end of your aircraft. This means that your aircraft will stay atop the ground, even in situations where traditional tailwheels might struggle, preventing the undesirable scenarios of digging in or getting stuck.

One of the standout features of the ABI 3200 Series Tailwheel is its Variable Steering Control. This innovative design allows pilots to have precise control over the tailwheel using the rudder pedals. This level of control is especially valuable when navigating challenging backcountry landscapes where precise maneuverability is essential. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of engaging free caster mode, providing even more adaptability for navigating various terrains.

Another noteworthy aspect of this tailwheel assembly is its sealed and lubricated swivel mechanism. Which has been meticulously designed to ensure that contaminants such as sand, dirt, water, gravel, and mud do not infiltrate and compromise its performance. This innovative design not only extends the operational life of the ABI 3200 Series Tailwheel but also ensures its reliability in adverse conditions.

To further simplify maintenance and repair processes, this tailwheel assembly is supported by a comprehensive catalog of PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) parts. This catalog makes it easier for operators to source the necessary components and conduct routine maintenance or repairs, reducing downtime and ensuring the continued performance of the tailwheel assembly.

Technical Specs


Variable steering allows for the transition between rudder control and free caster mode for better adaptability to various ground conditions.

Equipped with a long pawl for faster breaks into free caster allowing for better tail control in uneven and unpredictable environments.

Improved floatation allows for better control and mobility during ground operations in sandy, muddy, and rough conditions.

Sealed and lubricated swivel mechanism provides smooth control while keeping the internals protected from debris encountered in backcountry conditions.

Full catalog of PMA'd replacement parts allows for easy maintenance and repair of your ABI 3200 Baby Bushwheel Assembly.

Multiple arm control options allow for the best fitment based on your aircraft's geometry and pilot preference.

Bent-arm control provides faster response and improved durability. Straight-arm control allows for smoother steering and better control of break into free caster mode.

Straight-arm control allows for smoother steering and better control of break into free caster mode.

Made in the USA in our manufacturing facility located in the heart of Alaska, the general aviation and backcountry flying capital of the world.

Technical Specs

Assembly Weight - ABI-3200B (S)
11 lbs
Assembly Weight - ABI-3200B (T)
11 lbs
Assembly Weight - ABI-3200-3B
15 lbs
Leaf Spring Width
1 3/4"
Pawl Size
Long Pawl
Compatible Wheel Size
11" Baby Bushwheel Tire
ABI-3200B (S) - Shimmy Dampener
ABI-3200B (T) - Shimmy Dampener
ABI-3200-3B - Shimmy Dampener