Alaska Gear Company PA-18 Three Leaf Tailspring - ABI-PA18-1
Alaska Gear Company PA-18 Three Leaf Tailspring - ABI-PA18-2

PA-18 Three Leaf Tailspring

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The FAA-certified PA-18 Three Leaf Steel Tailspring, equipped with a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), presents a robust and economical choice for PA-18 Super Cub owners seeking a dependable tailwheel solution. Weighing 5.6 lbs, it achieves a balance between durability and weight, with its three-leaf design ensuring structural integrity.  In drop tests, it demonstrated a G force of 5.7, addressing concerns about stress on the tail during landings. While not a leader in dampening performance, it reliably dissipates energy upon impact, minimizing bouncing tendencies. This versatile tailspring is compatible with the PA-18 Super Cub and is STC certified by the FAA. 
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