Alaska Gear Company Framed Canvas Wall Tent Package - T11433

Framed Canvas Wall Tent Package

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For added space and comfort, these frame canvas wall tent packages from Alaska Gear Company combines classic aesthetics with contemporary features. Made from Sunforger 13oz DLX canvas, it excels in fire, water, and mildew resistance. The package includes a zippered door, mosquito netting, back window, sod cloth, a 4.5" oval stove jack with a weather-resistant flap, and additional vents. Setting up is easy with the aluminum frame and steel angle brackets, making it an ideal shelter for your wilderness adventures.


The 12x14 Miner Package from Alaska Gear Company is the epitome of spacious and comfortable shelter for your outdoor expeditions. Handcrafted in Alaska, these wall tents are carefully designed to marry classic style with modern convenience, catering to the rigors of the Arctic environment. Their exceptional durability and sturdiness have stood the test of time, making them the go-to choice for extended stays in tree-scarce locations.

These wall tents are constructed from Sunforger 13oz DLX canvas, a premier canvas material known for its fire, water, and mildew resistance. This canvas is double filled and preshrunk, ensuring it meets marine-grade standards, promising longevity in demanding conditions. Notably, the 13oz canvas material maintains its breathability thanks to a special fire, water, and mildew-resistant treatment.

Ideal for moose hunters, trappers, fish campers, and remote living enthusiasts, the package includes a range of popular features such as a zippered door with mosquito netting, a back window, a sod cloth for enhanced insulation, a 4.5" oval stove jack with a weather-resistant cover flap, and additional vents to optimize airflow. Setting up this shelter is a breeze with the aluminum frame that's custom-made to fit the tent, complete with steel angle brackets for a hassle-free field setup. These wall tents blend the charm of traditional design with the convenience of modern amenities, ensuring you enjoy a comfortable retreat amidst the wilderness.

Technical Specs


Rugged Canvas Material: Alaska Gear Company's wall tents are constructed from Sunforger 13oz DLX canvas, a premium material known for its fire, water, and mildew resistance.

Double Filled Canvas: The canvas used in these tents is double filled for added durability and longevity, ensuring it stands up to the most challenging conditions.

Marine-Grade Quality: This canvas meets marine-grade standards, guaranteeing a high level of performance and reliability.

Breathable Canvas: The canvas's special treatment maintains breathability throughout the material, allowing for comfortable use in various weather conditions.

Optimal Air Exchange: Additional vents in the tent promote superior airflow, enhancing your overall comfort.

Mosquito-Proof Entry: A zippered door with mosquito netting keeps insects at bay, providing a bug-free environment inside the tent.

Back Window: The inclusion of a back window allows for enhanced ventilation and improved air circulation.

Oval Stove Jack: A 4.5" oval stove jack with a weather-resistant cover flap ensures you can safely and efficiently use a stove inside the tent.

Durable Frame: The included aluminum frame is designed to fit the tent, and it comes with steel angle brackets, simplifying the setup process in the field.

Technical Specs

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